What Are Nowadays’ Mobile Phones Are Capable Of

1. Scan paperwork

The clunky scanner/fax machine combinations from the late 1990s are obsolete. Nowadays, most smartphones come equipped with powerful cameras that allow you to do much more than just take a few pictures. You can convert practically anything you can snap a photo of into a PDF using apps like CamScanner for iOS and Android. You may use this function to save digital copies of receipts, business cards, and other critical papers. Even better, you may transfer files to a landline fax machine or share them over email right from your phone.

2. Keep an eye on your pulse


With applications like Instant Heart Rate for iOS and Android, which utilises your phone’s camera in a manner that’s about as unlike to a document scanner as you can get, you can measure your heart rate, observe every pulse with a real-time PPG graph, and keep track of your cardio workouts. Your index finger’s colour variations, which are directly related to your pulse, are detected using the camera. These kinds of apps are entertaining to experiment with even if you just want to learn how they operate, but they may also assist you in monitoring your heart health and maintaining your fitness objectives.


3. Track your kids’ activities.


GPS monitoring applications like the iOS and Android app from Life360 provide parents worldwide a little more peace of mind. Family members may communicate and notify one another when they have arrived at a location safely thanks to this app. Users may speak privately, monitor friends and family members’ positions on a private map, and even trace a lost or stolen phone with the help of the internet.


4. Make use of a surface level and tape measure


Your smartphone becomes a useful multipurpose tool thanks to these useful applications. The accelerometer in your phone—the component that spins the view of your screen when you move your phone—is how Bubble Level for iOS and Android determines if a surface is level. Setting your phone on or up against the surface of an item is all it takes to use this app. And with Smart Measure for Android, you’ll never have to estimate height or distance again. To calculate the length, breadth, height, and area of a given object, trigonometry is used. Simply aim your phone’s camera at the object you want to measure, then hit the shutter button as you would to take a photo to use the app.

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5. List objects


Have you ever been completely perplexed by what something is or what it does after taking a closer look? Have you been struggling to recall the name of anything that has been on the tip of your tongue? With Google Lens for Android and iOS, put an end to that tiresome effort.


6. Play Some Games


Most of us are aware by now. Your small phone is capable of handling most of the spectacular games. They provide entertainment and could burn your time and relieve your stresses. You could try to play relaxing games or even some money earning games such as malaysia online casino mobile

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