Website Designers: Who they are and What they do.

 Website Designers: Who they are and What they do.

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Website design is a booming industry thanks to today’s socio economic factors. Website design requires a basic understanding of the concepts used in website building and a basic understanding of aesthetics. This will allow people to earn the entry level qualifications for the field. From here, the people can start to build their portfolio as they learn more and more and work for bigger companies on projects that are more relevant. 


Web designers are generally tasked with building websites and sometimes are given a website to revamp and redesign. It is crucial for web designers to understand what makes the functionality of a website user friendly and what makes the site aesthetically pleasing. They need to match an almost perfect matrimony between the two. If a website is not aesthetically pleasing but functionally friendly, it still might be acceptable. However, an ugly website that is also difficult to use will serve as the final nail in the proverbial coffin causing the company associated with the website to suffer. 


Web design experts are currently in high demand due to their skill set. Given how digital media has become wholly integrated in the lives of the general population at large, the people tend to depend heavily on the web for communicative purposes, information gathering and dissemination, shopping, and social life among others.


  • What do Web Designers Do? 

The most basic description of a web designer’s job is designing web pages. However, if one were to look deeper than the surface level then they will see that there are plenty of factors to consider in the process of designing websites. They have to bring the client’s vision to life. This is not exactly the most easy task in the world given how sometimes clients tend to be vague about the way they wish their website to look. The web designers have to incorporate the company’s identity and message together with the company’s aesthetic identity. They need to do all of this in a way that gels well with the given guidelines and present it in a digestible and easy to use website. The layouts, designs, and features that display the client company’s services have to all adhere to the target audiences web based sensibilities.   

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The entire personality of the website is depicted in the small things such as the color palettes used, fonts employed, layout used, and images incorporated. Additionally, when considering aesthetics’ aspects, the designers have to keep the usability of the website in mind. The usability of the website is the priority. It is integral to create pages that work well with the target audience and are easy for them to use.  


Consider the following example, a website that has been targeted towards children needs to grab and hold the child’s attention. They may do so by using bright colors, shapes, easy to read fonts, and engaging images. They have to ensure there are no blocks of texts. These blocks would cause the target audience to lose all interest in the website unless the font is exciting and the text has been written in an engaging manner. The website needs to be fun and easy to interact with. However, the website still needs to maintain a professional outlook. On the other hand, a website that is meant to be used by physicians would need to have a more serious tone. It would employ muted colors and professional looking fonts in addition to information dependent images and texts. 

However, the user-friendly aspect cannot be ignored. Every website, regardless of the content and target audience needs to be easy enough to use for those who are not as tech savvy and tech literate. 

A good website design firm to employ in Malaysia is DZOO. DZOO has dedicated teams of website designers that work to create websites that are easy to use and aesthetically pleasing while keeping the client company’s message at the forefront.

website designers

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