Three Different Kings

 Three Different Kings

Similar yet Different Kings

There are three species of king crab. Red king crab, blue king crab, and brown king crab. They are found in different areas of Alaskan waters. Most of the king crab harvested in Alaska comes from the Bering Sea.


The red king crab is the world’s most prized crab species, with a lot of offers from buyers across the globe. Before being cooked, red king crabs are in fact a dark colored bourgogne. They will gradually turn bright red with a pinch of orangey-red spots on top of the shell, and particularly around the tip of their legs, when cooked. Red King Crab are regarded as the tastiest crab in the globe. The carnation is white as snow, with vivid red highlights. This crab is the most widely popular king crab since the price is not that expensive for those who can afford it. It also can be cooked in various ways making it the chef’s favorite.


This large crab is renowned for its flavourful sweet flesh and it’s giant fingertips(claws). This type of Blue King crabs are regarded as the world’s biggest crabs. Before they are not cooked, the blue king crabs are a bit brownish with the highlights of royal blue. They turn a bright orange-red though when cooked. Even if it is special, it is also known as the Red King in some parts of the world. This species of crab is somewhat similar to red king crab taste-wise, usually sweeter, but much milder in flavor than red. However, this species is not commonly found because of their habitat being deeper than the Red King Crab.


The smallest among the siblings are golden King crabs. Their shells are in colour, golden-orange. These have the mildest flavour of the three commercially obtained king crab styles. In fact, golden king crabs have the lowest amount of meat inside the shells, which sell for less than blue and purple. They are now beginning to become available fresh because their reproduction rates have increase as opposed to years ago.

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