Internet Solutions With Time fibre malaysia: Simply the best

 Internet Solutions With Time fibre malaysia: Simply the best

But the issue of connection is already very important now. And is that many of today’s homes already have several devices connected to the Internet . That is why choosing a good ADSL or fiber optic connection is more important than ever. But for this it is not necessary to leave much money either. And if not, ask those who have already visited , also known for being the comparator in which users leave their opinion about the offers, which they have surely managed to save by comparing the rates of the different operators. view more at Time fibre malaysia.

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The Fiber Options

Symmetric optical fiber has been positioned because the greater the number of megabytes, the faster the simultaneous reception and sending of information, without interference. Users should know some indications related to network extenders and convenience in product packs.

According to the latest report from the Undersecretariat of Telecommunications, during the first quarter of the year there was a significant increase in Internet traffic in the country. This, due to the increase in people who use this service to be able to telework and educate themselves online, in addition to its use for other purposes due to confinement. This is why today it is essential to have a high-speed Internet.

Post Covid 19 Net Era

Due to the expansion of COVID-19, a large part of companies and educational institutions have decided to implement remote work, which has sharply increased the use of the Internet in homes. Without going any further, according to the most recent report, total Fixed Internet traffic was 2.8 million terabytes; that is, an increase of 40% compared to the same period last year.

But the projections are even higher and this figure is expected to reach close to 60%, since currently the penetration of this service in the country reaches 16.6 subscribers per 100 inhabitants, which represents 57% of households. In addition, there are 53 million telecommunications services as of March 2020, which translates into 2.7 services per person. This exponential growth is mainly driven by teleworking.

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Last Words

The pandemic has shown the importance of the telecommunications industry. Today many collaborators are operating via remote work, as well as schools and universities, while hospitals or strategic command centers must monitor and share information and disseminate it via the Internet. In this sense, fiber optic connectivity has become an essential service, since it entails greater data transmission and none of the above could be done effectively without a robust connection

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