Cloud Storage Types and Specifications

Unless you have been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard the terms “cloud storage” and “cloud backup.” But did you know that they mean two things that are DONE?  cloud MLM software 


What is These Two Meaning:

Cloud storage” and “Cloud backup” may seem like synonyms. However, that is NOT the case. They are separate services that serve their own special purpose.

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Cloud computing concept – connect devices to cloud. 

This is how you can determine which one you need the most.


For all the tech -savvy netizens, I’ll be drinking tea. There is something to know about the cloud and the best kept secret: cloud storage vs. cloud backup. So, better persevere!


Understanding the Cloud

Almost no day goes by without a mention of clouds:


If you open your Google Chrome Tab and click on your account, you’ll immediately see the usual green-blue-yellow triangle Google Driving icon. Or if you’re an iPhone user, you’re probably already familiar with iCloud cloud storage. And, let’s not forget Drop Box or Throw. A setback to the large number of readings and presentations kept during the good old university days.


The 3 online services all use advanced cloud technology. So, what exactly?

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When I say cloud, this refers to a server system that is accessible via the worldwide web, and along with the software and databases running on that server.


Too much? Let me simplify you: other than technically, the cloud is basically software that runs on the internet.


The term “cloud” was coined from “cloud computing” in the mid -90s by Netscape residents to refer to an infinite future. (Any Netscape users still exist?)


How Does It Work?

You can access and host files in the cloud from multiple devices by simply connecting to your WIFI and logging in to your account ― as easy as A to Z.


Just like how you can log in to your Instagram on a new smartphone when your old one is broken AND still be able to find all the data you’ve saved and past posts, you can do pretty much the same when using cloud technology.


This is an online system made for easy remote access where all your data is stored and stored, well, in the cloud. All you need is a stable wireless connection to sync your files up.


Cloud MLM Software Types and Specifications

When people talk about cloud computing, it becomes very quickly confusing. One of the reasons is that there are many types of clouds available, providing a variety of services:


  • Public Cloud: Sold as a service to the general public (i.e. Google, Microsoft, Quickbooks, etc.).
  • Personal Cloud: Owned and used by one company for storage and backup use. Typically, large companies have their own data centers for security and privacy.
  • Hybrid Cloud: A combination of public and private clouds using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

Cloud storage and backup are the most commonly used cloud services in daily life. So let’s dive into what the main differences are.


How Does Cloud Storage Work?

Whether you use Google one, Dropbox, Amazon Drive (AWS), Microsoft OneDrive, and other most trusted cloud storage service providers, they all do the same thing: let you upload, share, and store a wide variety of files over the internet .


Once the data is in the cloud, everyone you give access to the file can directly review and edit it from ANY compatible device.


Pretty useful, isn’t it? This is why many businesses today prefer to use cloud storage services to store documents and share them within organizations.


No need for outdated USB with their wiring. Slowly but surely, cloud storage is replacing physical storage systems!


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