Best Manga you should be reading in 2022

 Best Manga you should be reading in 2022


Are you a fan of manga and thinking of what manga you should read in 2022? Yes, you are on the right article! If you are a manga beginner, you can also read this so that you will not miss these popular mangas. Nowadays, manga is popular among teenagers and adults in Malaysia as it is widely exposed to the public what manga is all about. With various online manga websites, people can read it for free without needing to pay for it. Back to our topic, today we would like to introduce a few latest popular manga for you to read. Let’s take a look! 


read jujutsu kaisen latest manga chapter online malaysia

  • Jujutsu Kaisen

The manga series Jujutsu Kaisen, which has emerged as one of the most-watched series over the past few years, will indeed continue to be a significant trend across the globe in 2022. In this manga, the protagonist Yuji Itadori captures a piece of the King of the Curses; other captivating characters include his friend Megumi Fushiguro, his teacher Satoru Gojo, and his senpai student Yuta Okkotsu. Don’t miss out on the epic battles between jujutsu sorcerers and the Curse. If you want to read jujutsu kaisen latest manga chapter online malaysia, you can go to the Manga Legacy website. 

Manga artist: Gege Akutami

Published: since 2018


read jujutsu kaisen latest manga chapter online malaysia

  • Spy×Family

SpyFamily is the story of a fake family made up of a professional spy Loid Forger, his wife and their adopted mystical girl Anya Forger. While the “parents” bring out their missions in disguise, Anya gets to read their minds but conceals them to live peaceably. This manga released its first anime adaption in April 2022, so you should not miss watching it! 

Manga artist: Tatsuya Endo

Published: since 2019


read jujutsu kaisen latest manga chapter online malaysia

  • Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan began in 2009 and was only recently finished in 2021. The mysterious action manga was greeted with fear and shock by Japanese and global readers, who were captivated by the strange story and intense action scenes from beginning to end. Wit Studio and Mappa have been adapting the popular anime series from the manga since 2013. Attack on Titan takes place in an old European world where Titans attack humanity. For about a hundred years, people have lived their lives within the thick and tall walls. Eren Yeager and other Survey Corps members explore and battle against the Titans to eliminate them. This manga is highly recommended for binge-reading now. 

Manga artist: Hajime Isayama

Published 2009-2021


read jujutsu kaisen latest manga chapter online malaysia

  • The Promised Neverland 

The Promised Neverland is a popular completed dark-fantasy and suspense manga series from 2016 to 2020 as a front manga of Weekly Shonen Jump. In 2019 and 2021, two seasons of an anime adaptation have been broadcasted on television. The Promised Neverland is set in a fantasy land in 2045, followed by Emma, Norman, and Ray, orphans aged 11 years old. They are raised in Grace Field House together with other orphans and learn the truth about why they are welcomed there.

Manga artist: Kaiu Shirai

Published: 2016

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