Best Web Hosting Providers 2020

 Best Web Hosting Providers 2020

What is website uptime? Well, the definition of that term is basically about how long a website is accessible online. Or, to put it in other words, it is a measure of how long you can access the website at any time without fail.

Most of the best web hosting providers out there promise 99.99% server uptime, but what does this actually mean? Well, just think of it this way: That is calculated based on a certain timeframe. Think about weeks, hours, days, and so on.

Why is website uptime so important? Well, you can think of it as you would a physical store. Whenever a brick and mortar shop closes for some reason, customers are left unhappy because they are unable to transact with their favorite store. The same can be said for any website for that matter.

Having said that, what are the benefits that can be had for having good and consistent website uptime? Read further to find out.

Improves Customer Trust

In the online world, the phrase ‘first impressions last’ truly applies here. Whenever someone comes across your website and it happens to be down for whatever reason at that time, then you can expect them to never return. The only time that they would return is if your website has something compelling that no other website on the internet provides.

Good website uptime improves customer trust because they can rest easy when transacting with your page if they know that they can access it at just about any time they want to.

Increases Your Page Rank

As search engine algorithms change constantly, you can expect a website that consistently goes does as a website that will have lower page rankings. This is even further compounded by Google, the search engine giant, as the company has released a statement where it said that it is going to penalize websites that go down on a frequent basis.

Improving your website’s SEO is important if you want to drive more organic traffic, as well as more potential customers, to your page.

More Revenues

If you are an online entrepreneur, you should know by now that time is money and because of that, every second that passes by with your website down could mean a huge loss in profits.

Just like visiting a closed physical store, a website that is down for whatever reason is sure to become barren in the near future if nothing gets done to solve the issue/s.

By using server monitoring tools, you can get notified whenever your business website goes down and if in the event that it happens, you can instantly talk to your hosting company to resolve the problem.

Uptime Guarantees

As compensation for website downtimes, some hosting companies will provide uptime guarantees. For example, if they promise that your website will be up and running 99% of the time and, after serious calculation, that they’ve indeed under-delivered on that end, you will be given some money as compensation for all of the troubles that may have been caused by the issue.

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