REVIEWS: The End of Sex And The Future of Human Reproduction

How can reproductive technology reshaping humanity? Advances in stem cells, genomics, as well as the PGD or what we called preimplantation genetic diagnosis could remove the genetic uncertainty of sexual propagation.

REVIEWSThe book is all about the obsolescence of sex. In spite of the fact that individuals will keep on having sex will largely disappear or least decreased significantly. Instead of  having an intimate sex in bed, in a car, or in the backyard, and everything where you comfortable with, children born either at hospitals or in your house. The author thinks about the future that the specialists will make male and female gametes in vitro utilizing induced pluripotent stem cells got from a skin biopsy, instead of the costly and arduous procedure of harvesting the eggs for in vitro fertilization.

The author’s prose is lucid and to clarify the science behind propagation, genetics, and the stem cells. And explores the legal as well scientific, and political pathway towards preimplantation genetic diagnosis. He also proposes this technology will make it feasible for the greater part of every individuals to bear genetically their own lovely kids.

REVIEWSHe explores the boundaries that hinder this conceptive future, like for example – the health, safety, some ethical considerations as well as the fairness of access. He foresees societal resistance to the technology, contending that religious or good complaints shouldn’t be utilized to justify.

He concludes the book with a call-to-action and challenging every readers and people to choose how they really need this daring new future.

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