How Online Stores Benefit From A Loyalty Program

With the strict competition among online retailers, ecommerce solutions believe that sites need to be extra creative in attracting more customers into their websites. One of the things you can do as an online retailer is to come up with a loyalty program. Learn how this kind of program helps you stand out from the competition. What are the benefits? How could you set up one?

  1. It attracts new customers. A loyalty program can be a smart way to keep new buyers into your store. A first-time buyer will be thrilled to sign up to your website when you give them something in return. A good example will be a discount or a freebie. They will surely appreciate it when they got the opportunity to save a little on their initial purchase.
  2. It allows you to know more about your customers. You might need your customers’ data for analytics. The loyalty program lets you know a bit more information about your buyers, like their preferred time of shopping or their spending limits.
  3. It makes your existing customers feel more valued. The goal of any business is to have returning customers. If you want your customers to be your patrons, give them access to exclusive offers and even previews of your upcoming products. You should not forget the value of trust. A customer will likely come back when they had a good experience shopping in your ecommerce website.
  4. Offer a bit more to your loyal shoppers. This means you can save time because you don’t have to double your efforts so you could acquire new shoppers. Instead of spending a lot of time thinking of new strategies to attract new buyers, focus on the people you already have.
  5. Send your existing customer a friendly reminder. Is your loyalty program member suddenly missing in action? There are times when your loyal shopper just stop buying from you. Perhaps send them an email about the deals they might be missing from your store.

How to Set Up Your Loyalty Program

This will depend if you are running a WooCommerce or a WordPress store. There are options to include them into your site and this comes with a price. Normally, the in-charged website for this will charge you an annual fee. Sumo and Beans are among the mostly used extensions for creating loyalty programs.

Compare different kinds of extensions before getting started. If you are using Magento, consider the fact that Aheadworks makes it easy for your subscribers to earn points for different kinds of activities. It could be from answering the queries of other subscribers or even uploading their review of the item.

You will the option to customize the loyalty program based on your preferred timeline, the referral, or even the actions created. There are points you can give for shoppers who share about your store on social media.

When you want to save time, just install an extension that has an auto-reminder feature. It only comes with a small charge but you can save big because it is a helpful feature.

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