11 Not-Boring Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas

Corporate events are not supposed to be boring and dull. Whether you are planning a conference or awards night for your employees, make sure that each and every one is entertained. Below are 11 wonderful entertainment ideas from corporate entertainment companies for a company occasion. Circus Entertainment This is a classic gathering idea that will never get old. Aerialists? Acrobats? Firebreathers? These unique acts are perfect for corporate occasions. Quit

3 Surefire Ways to Get Event Sponsors

Hosting a major event is not easy. It requires careful planning and lots of resources to pull off. Normally, a company could not handle the event expenses because the costs are just insurmountable and too steep for one entity to finance alone. That is why getting an event sponsor (or sponsors) can really help, especially if you want your event to push through. If you’re trying to find ways to

10 Indispensable Strategies for Promoting Events

Introduction Promoting your event can make you frustrated without a proper strategy beforehand. There are multiple event planning organizations you can utilize out there, and we the proper understanding, you can find one that can effectively boos awareness and registrations to your event. Follow this guide to learn more about promoting events. Definition of Event Promotion Strategy   Event promotion strategy is your marketing plan for the different phases of event