Affiliate Marketing 101: Setting Your Goals

1.Ask yourself why you are doing it.

Affiliate marketing is not just about earning big commissions. If you want to get in a top affiliate program in Malaysia, you need to consider it more than just a business. Love and enjoy what you are doing. Contemplate on your driving force. However, if money is the sole motivator of this goal, you might get out of it soon empty handed.

2.You should know how much money you want to make.

Implementing a thorough affiliate marketing strategy is clearly not for the faint of heart. This undertaking takes lots of effort, money and time. Putting a solid, strong strategy in place is never easy. Having a monetary goal would help you decide how much money and time you want to invest. What is your weekly, monthly and yearly revenue goal?

3.Decide how much work you want to put in.

It’s crucial to be realistic with the amount of time you want to put in your affiliate marketing business. Just in case you have much higher revenue goals, you need to put in around 3 to 4 hours of work each week creating sales funnels and content.

4.Test all the affiliate services and products you are promoting.

Affiliate marketing all comes down to trust. If you don’t use the products you are recommending personally, how can you make good content about it? Have you tried testing it out? Remember, the best advertisements and testimonials are genuine. Give yourself some time to try out and test your offerings. That way, you can craft well-rounded opinions about them.

5.Decide how often you want to manage special promotions, highlighting different affiliate products.

Depending on the kind of affiliate marketing program you are in, there are many special promotions and deals that can be implemented. These can be time-sensitive, so make sure that you can manage everything.

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