A Basic Guide to Understanding the Different Positions in Poker

A Basic Guide to Understanding the Different Positions in Poker

Different Positions in Poker

When you study the game of Poker on mobile casino Malaysia, you will find that there are actually different positions in a play. Some players might even say things to others such as “I’ve got position on you” signifying that they are in a more favorable position like they are able to make moves after you’ve done so.

Now, as a beginner, you might be wondering what these positions mean. Well, you just have to understand that the different positions in the game signify where the players position themselves during the play.

In this article, I will talk a little bit more about the different positions to help you understand the game even more.

1. The Dealer

A Basic Guide to Understanding the Different Positions in PokerThe very first important position that you need to take into account is the “dealer” position. This position is actually relative simple because each player gets to be the dealer in the game.

In other words, every player gets a chance to have this highly important position.

The dealer is also known as the “on the button” position and it is considered to be one of the most highly coveted positions in a poker game.

The reason why this is desirable is that after the flop, the person who is in this position will always be the last one to act in each round of betting.

Being the last player to act means that you’ve already seen what moves other players made and so that you can act accordingly.

2. Early

The next three players to the left of the dealer position are said to be in the “early” position. If the dealer in is the most desirable position, this is actually considered as the worst. The reason is simple that the people in the early position are said to act first before other players do. After they’ve made their moves, the other players would know exactly what to do to increase their chances of winning.

Players in this position should be cautious in their moves. Since you will not have any information on the other player’s movements, you just have to play your best cards if you are put in this position.

3. Middle

You could say that this position is neither favorable nor disadvantageous. The reason is that they act after the players in the early position have done so, yet there will be some some players left that will act after they have done their moves. These are just the next three players after the early position.

4. Late

A Basic Guide to Understanding the Different Positions in PokerThis position is considered to be the most favorable simply because the players that are in this spot are able to see what others have done and they can formulate their strategies accordingly.

The people in this position are the last three members and this includes the dealer as well. The late position provides you with the best chances of winning because you are able to gain insight and some much-needed information to help you in the game.

You can choose to either call, raise, bet, or even fold with full confidence given that you already know what the other players have done.

This position is also known as the “betting” position because of the fact that players here are more aggressive when it comes to placing bets.

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