6 Web Design Principles that Will Help Boost Your Conversion Rate

Many online entrepreneurs put up an online website complete with products and services without really thinking about good website design especially for an ecommerce website design company.
You see, a poorly designed website is surely not going to attract a lot of potential customers. In fact, once a person enters your online shop and they do not like what they see, they will almost always leave within a couple of seconds.
So, how exactly do you increase your conversion rate? You can do so by following some principles of good website design.
Follow Hick’s Law
You might have heard William Edmund Hick’s law where he states that the time it takes for a person to make a decision is directly proportional to the number of choices they are given. In other words, the more choices they have, the harder it is for them to choose.
This is why it is important that you structure your website in a way that will just give users what they want in as little as few clicks.
For example, you can install a welcome gate where the user will be greeted with the main product when they first enter the page and that they can go from there.
Take Care of Site Loading Speeds
It turns out that people really cannot wait for a page to load. They would give you 3 seconds and if all of the elements on your page do not fully load, they will ultimately leave.
So, how do you optimize your website for maximum performance? One way would be to look at your settings under the hood, as well as looking at your photos, videos, and other content if they are optimized and trimmed to a certain degree for them to load faster.
Utilize Negative Space
Despite its name, ‘Negative’ space can actually provide positive results. This is just the blank areas on your website and the reason why it is important is so that you can put more emphasis on the things that matter.
Flat.io uses negative space in a good way- allowing people to see the site’s navigation, as well as its important features.
Using the Right Colors is Key
Choosing the right colors is something that is always in the backburner of web design, but it is actually one of the most important aspects. You see, colors evoke emotion and you want to choose colors that will help convey the message your brand wants to spread.
If you are finding it difficult to select some colors, you would want to use Adobe’s color wheel to help you. Just upload an image that you like and plug it in the program and it will automatically give you the colors that are present on the image.
Keep It Simple
As much as you want to beautify your website, creating one with ‘loud’ elements won’t do you any good. Simplicity is what matters in web design as it helps the users focus more on the products instead of marveling at your homepage.
Entice People in Under 8 Seconds
There is some research that backs this 8-second claim in that you only have the said time frame to convince people to stay.
For you to do this, you may need to use high-quality media content and use attention-grabbing headlines.

Source: https://optinmonster.com/11-web-design-principles-that-will-boost-your-conversion-rate/

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