4 Disastrous Blog Design Mistakes that You Need to Fix in Order to Keep Your Readers

When creating a blog, most people just think about what to write and nothing else. That is because their blogs can easily be created using a content management system or a website builder that has all of the tools necessary.

But, despite using such tools, it is important that you take into consideration the actual design of your website. If you happen to neglect this important aspect, then you are going to lose your readers even if you are writing some really amazing content.In this article, you will find out some of the most disastrous blog design mistakes that you need to correct to help you keep your readers for long.

Bad Typography

Okay, let’s assume that your website is good-looking, but the next thing that you need to take a look at is your actual post- specifically, your typography.

If you were using small font sizes like size 12, for example, then some people may be able to read it, but you want to make sure that the vast majority of your audience is able to read it without exerting too much mental effort.So, instead of using 12, you can experiment by using 14px or 16px as both of these are big enough to help your posts become a little bit more legible.

Aside from the font size, you also have to consider the actual font style you’re going to use. I suggest that you choose either Georgia, New Times Roman, Arial, Verdana, or Helvetica as these fonts are tested to be good when it comes from a legibility standpoint.
If you want more stylish alternatives, you can use Roboto, Proxima Nova, Lato, Adelle, or Lora. Never use calligraphic fonts as they are guaranteed to be hard to read.

Wall of Text

I’ve come across plenty of blogs that have walls of texts and I am telling you that no matter how many times you convince yourself that it is okay, it is actually not.It has been said that people actually consume content in an F-shaped manner, which means that you need to take that into account in order for people to actually read your content.

Statistics show that when people see walls of texts without clear formatting, then you can expect that people will leave almost immediately. Add structure to your posts by using headings, bullet lists, images, internal links, proper text formatting, and many more.

Wrong Line Length and Height

Line length is important because it helps guide your readers as they consume your content. That being said, you need to be using the correct line length and height in order for your readers to enjoy reading what you’ve written.

For the optimal line length, a single line of text should contain anywhere between 50-75 characters only (this includes spaces). For the optimal line height, you can experiment by starting from 120% up to 150%.

Too Much Clutter

If you’ve remembered websites back in the 90s, you will know that it was actually the worst decade when it comes to web design. Think about websites with a heavily cluttered interface.Thankfully, we have veered away from that and we are now gearing more towards a minimalistic website. However, some people might not have received the memo and are still putting too much clutter on their blogs.

So, in order for your website to be as good-looking as possible, do not add way too many images to the point that it clutters the entire interface. Furthermore, if you are going to format your texts, you can use bolds, italics, and underlines to help emphasize your point (but make sure that you take moderation into consideration).

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