3 Surefire Ways to Get Event Sponsors

Hosting a major event is not easy. It requires careful planning and lots of resources to pull off. Normally, a company could not handle the event expenses because the costs are just insurmountable and too steep for one entity to finance alone.

That is why getting an event sponsor (or sponsors) can really help, especially if you want your event to push through.

If you’re trying to find ways to search, entice, and keep event sponsors, then you’re reading the right article! Read on to find out some surefire ways to help get some sponsors for your event.

1. Understand Your Vision

According to the best event management companies, to help you find the right sponsors for your event, you have to know what your vision is. What is the main objective why you want this event to happen in the first place?

Suppose that you want to host a technological convention in the hopes of disseminating information about environmental innovation, then you need to come up with a tagline to match as well.

There are certain sponsors out there that are looking for startups that have a grand vision. So, if your aim is to provide more information that will help make use of technology to help the environment, then you can go for Tesla as one of your main sponsors since they have the same vision as well.

Knowing what your vision is will help narrow down your options to get the sponsors that you will need for the event.

2. Come Up with a Plan

Think of getting sponsors is like courting your potential lover. You want to research about them; know what their likes and dislikes are. Learn more about their company’s achievements and so on.

After getting such information, you can then better come up with a plan that will pitch your ideas to them in a way that they can understand and in a way that will entice them to help your cause.

Create a task for your PR team to send emails to your chosen sponsors and tell them exactly what you have in mind for your upcoming event.

Tell them what you aim to do and tell them your objectives and you will most likely get the sponsors that you need.

3. Build Trust and Relationships

The thing that you have to remember when it comes to keeping event sponsors is to build trust, firstly, and then strengthen your relationship by pushing through with your original plan.

You can help build your relationship by inviting some of your sponsors in meetings and events so that they are part of the planning and execution process. Including them in the most important events of your company will really help you create a long-lasting friendship together.

Also, come up with a plan that will keep their brand prominent. Perhaps, you could display some of their products on your event spot as well.


Getting event sponsors can really help your future conventions and conferences take off. They will help with your finances and they can also act as an ancillary advertiser as well to help your company be more well-known.

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