11 Not-Boring Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas

Corporate events are not supposed to be boring and dull. Whether you are planning a conference or awards night for your employees, make sure that each and every one is entertained. Below are 11 wonderful entertainment ideas from corporate entertainment companies for a company occasion.

Circus Entertainment

This is a classic gathering idea that will never get old. Aerialists? Acrobats? Firebreathers? These unique acts are perfect for corporate occasions. Quit all the dancing and singing performances. It’s time to put your entertainment choices to the next level.

Casino Party

Are you planning to throw a party to a gambling crowd? Then, you may want to explore casino rentals. With poker tables, professional dealers and other Vegas-style games, the casino rental firms will make sure that you will have everything you need.

Dueling Pianos

We all want to watch music performances in every event stage. Hire two pianists for a piano duel for change. Sure, you will love to dance the night away, and sing soulful music. But, this duel might be the newest unique obsession of every party goer. The overflowing talent and high energy will rock your entire evening.

Comedy Improv Show

We all love comedy shows. Some events are never complete without pure laughter and spontaneous entertainment. Invite the most talented comedians you can find. Let them flaunt their comedic skills, and make the entire event experience unique and memorable.


Your corporate level can reach a different level of “wow” when you invite a professional hypnotist. These people know how to work around the crowd, and select the participants of the performance. Moreover, this requires a very simple setup—only a microphone and a few chairs.

Game Show

Create excitement among your corporate team by organizing a game show. You can put in simple prizes, or some upscale items such as appliances or cash. This will definitely be a click. After all, who doesn’t love winning? You can set this up anytime and anywhere. Interaction is the key to this activity, so as long as there are people, it can push through smoothly.

Corporate Comedian

Work can be very overwhelming and stressful. By hiring a comedian to your corporate event, you are giving them a chance to let go of all the stress even for just a night. We all love to laugh, so this will definitely be a hit to your office crowd.

Roast Master

If you are inviting a close-knit group, consider roasting your administrators for fun. You don’t usually do this, so this can be an exciting experience even for your bosses.

Celebrity Impersonators

Hiring a real, popular celebrity can be very expensive. If you still want to get a “feel” of your favorite stars, why not hire effective impersonators. Find amazing look-alikes of Michael Jackson, Donald Trump, Oprah and more. If you want, they can even sign autographs. All of the sake of good entertainment!


Magicians are the coolest performers you can invite in any type of event. You’ll never go wrong with inviting a corporate magician. Whether you are hosting a simple little conference or full-stage show, a talented musician can definitely deliver the best entertainment.

Cover Band

Cover bands are huge favorites in corporate event entertainment crowd. You know your employees more than anyone else, so you just need to decide which era they would enjoy the most.

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