10 Indispensable Strategies for Promoting Events


Promoting your event can make you frustrated without a proper strategy beforehand. There are multiple event planning organizations you can utilize out there, and we the proper understanding, you can find one that can effectively boos awareness and registrations to your event. Follow this guide to learn more about promoting events.

Definition of Event Promotion Strategy


Event promotion strategy is your marketing plan for the different phases of event promotion – from pre-launch to actual event date. These different phases include strategies that utilize social media, email marketing, partner marketing. Basically, any organized method to execute your specific marketing strategies to raise awareness to your event is an event promotion strategy. You just need to define which strategy is best suited for you and your event.

Using repeat business system as a promotion strategy


Customer retention is the best way to increase your average revenue. Take advantage of repeat business when marketing your event to increase huge amounts of engagement.

1) Social Media Follower information – If the profile of your target audience is similar with your current fan base, utilize them as repeat business. They are easier to invite to your event since they’ve already availed of your services.
2) Guest list from similar related events – Tap into the list of guests that have attended your previous events.
3) Web Traffic Analytics – Figuring out where in the web your target audience finds you can aid you into placing ads strategically.

Use per-sale strategies for promotion

Check out Bizible, CoinDesk and Pharma Forum’s strategies for promotion to increase your event’s success.

1) Bizible – Utilized offering sweepstakes while collecting their information to entice their audiences and get them excited about their event.
2) CoinDesk – Offered exclusive discounts while per-selling their event the following year, just after the day of their current event.
3) Pharma Forum – Created and event app where their attendees can use features like social media, play games with real life prizes that got their attendees excited to actually see what else there is when they register for their event.

Utilize online resources for your email marketing


Get help from online resources to automate and maximize your email marketing campaigns and lessen the burden of manually doing it yourself.

1) StreamSend – provides users specific features that allows them to customize forms, upsell and manage their lists all at once.
2) BombBomb – streamlines the process of recording videos, along with sending and tracking them within your email marketing.
3) ActiveCampaign – is a useful tool to promote ticket sales which also provides you information on what you can improve in your campaign.

Let Social media do the work

Utilize the value of your attendees in helping you promote your event. Crowdsource additional sales by offering share incentives to your attendees.

1) Discounts for Social sharing – Get your attendees to share your event link in their social media platforms in exchange for ticket discounts. Not only is this an incentive for them to get a discount, but a chance to also bring a friend.
2) Hashtags – Offer rewards or special freebies to attendees that use event hashtags when they get the most likes.
3) Share prices – Offer giveaways including event sponsor’s donated gifts.

Use Video Marketing

Use video marketing to show sincerity and authenticity and form authentic connections when sending your invitations and promotions. Provide value to what you are sharing with your attendees like recorded lectures, video e- courses, content that they don’t have to pay for. Doing this will gear people towards trusting your brand and getting them excited to what other valuable things they can experience when they attend your event.

Make your organic search effective

Consider your event website as one of your most powerful promotion tools. Attendees will search for any updates and information in your website.

1) Optimize your website for voice search – your content should have specific keywords that can be easily found using voice search on smartphones. Use specific long-tail keywords to make your page stand out more.
2) Target specific keywords for events
3) Build your event site that is SEO focused
4) Optimize your site for mobile – attendees often check event sites through their mobile before deciding to purchase tickets
5) Make use of high quality links – avoid being penalized by search engines like Google by using reputable links

Consider display ads for promoting your event

These ads target your specific audience when they appear on social media platforms and relevant websites. Although not as effective as search ads, display ads are low-cost and utilize visuals that may entice your target

1) Center your marketing on a smaller audience – focus on what links your audience visits, their demographics, and content that’s relevant to your event keywords
2) Find what makes your audience tick – test your marketing campaign using static ads that are quite affordable
3) Stick to basics – stick to the basic ad formats like inline, rectangle and leader board

4) Use one call to action to keep it simple – make it simple and clear to understand what they will be getting when they click you ad
5) Choose images that are bold – make sure your design pops out by using bold texts and images. Don’t use too much words or dull images to avoid boring your viewers.

Consider partner promotions

Not all events need partners, but having one most certainly boosts effectiveness of your campaigns.

1) Understand need – Ask yourself these questions – What can’t you do on your own without a partner? Why do you need one?
2) What can you provide your partner that’s of value? – Know what your partner gets out of working with you and what they are willing to provide in return. And ensure that you are able to deliver in return
what is required from you.
3) Use smaller projects to test out your partner
4) Request a client meeting – This is the chance to introduce your partner to everyone. Get all the information you require to ensure a smooth workflow
5) Divide tasks – Distribute the tasks in your list as it is more efficient to have more people accountable and get things done
6) Document your workflow

Personalize your account based marketing for success

Reserving time to know more about the people who compose of your target audience builds their interest in your events

1) Provide offers tailored to your target audience – utilize analytics to learn about your prospects and segment them, then create campaigns tailored according to the data you gathered.
2) Customize your homepage – personalize your images, offers, forms according to your target audience.
3) Utilize Google Alerts – understand your prospects and study all information that you’ve gathered to know what they care about, and what you can offer.

Leverage your event technology stack

Use your event technology stack to manage your event promo strategies – these are your email marketing campaigns, event app and software. These tools are a necessity if you want your event promotions to be successful. You don’t need to start from scratch. Keep your goals in mind and leverage on the tools and resources available to create your event promo strategy. Get to know your audience so you can be as specific as you can. And you don’t have to do it alone. Request companies, teams, even your network to help you promote your event.

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